Media Management

Blue Apple Ltd is an international communication consultancy creating impact with strategic messaging and stakeholder involvement, strong project design and expert planning and implementation.

Our consultancy is focused on understanding the objectives of our clients and designing the strategy to achieve and exceed them. Blue Apple Ltd brings together all areas of communication expertise to design the best strategy. We have the strategic, the creative, and the implementation skills all under one roof. We understand media buying, we produce TVC’s and engage talk shows in our projects. We are also experts at social and behavior change and community engagement, we have in-house expertise of visibility and branding.

For the past 35 years, our founders are providing tailoring communication strategies in synchronization with our clients. Based on thorough research-based analyses of the client’s needs, we define communications objectives, prioritize audiences, define powerful messages and compose the optimum mix of communication channels. We also analyze the impact of our communication strategy implementation.

Our signature approach is the 360-degree communication approach, researching all media and communication opportunities as well as all stakeholders and target audiences. Based on the research we develop an all-encompassing strategy using relevant media and communication channels, and reaching all stakeholders and target audiences. We create innovative messages and eye-catching campaigns with attractive tools. In our work we partner with national and local media, print as well as radio and tv, and we work with social media channels and tools, to maximize reach.