KGSM Group deeply appreciates the unwavering support and interest of our customers. We at KGSM Group will strive for customer satisfaction, as we strongly believe that customer satisfaction is the company’s mission. Since its establishment in 2014. KGSM Group has conducted numerous projects which are monumental in the history of Engineering and Technological services in Bangladesh. One step further, KGSM Group actively responds to the future changes in market by diversifying our businesses. We one of the leading Fire and Safety consultant and exclusive agent of ColdFire USA in Bangladesh. Recently we have entered into Fire Detection, Protection, Installation and Commissioning along with Civil Construction, Supplying and Consultation. Using our expertise in Fire and Safety, Civil & Mechanical Consultation, we have started Real Estate Development with the commitment for ensuring a permanent address with comfortable living in a zero-hazard environment for out clients. It was the support of customers that made the company what it is today, and we at KGSM Group hope that customers will continue to provide such generous support and encouragement. KGSM Group will strive not only to meet the expectations of our customers through enhancing quality and technology, but also to fulfils its corporate social responsibilities. Based on KGSM Group’s people-oriented management philosophy, KGSM Group will do its utmost to present customers with a better future.