South Bangla Plastic & Battery Industries Ltd.​

Cloud Craft Ltd  is a service organization providing client – oriented, customized & tailor-made services in the field of advertising, event management, media planning, buying & PR services, healthcare and tourism services. The founders of the organization are pioneer for providing media management, tourism and healthcare services and are among the top specialist in the sectors for more than 30 years.

South Bangla Battery Industries Ltd.​

South Bangla Battery is an international communication consultancy creating impact with strategic messaging and stakeholder involvement, strong project design and expert planning and implementation.

South Bangla Battery

South Bangla Battery Services is a leading medical assistance company. We are very actively engaged in providing Medical Assistance to people from all over Bangladesh who choose to go to India, Singapore, Thailand Malaysia, USA and UK for seeking medical services.

South Bangla Battery

South Bangla Battery Bangladesh belongs to those who have affection for traveling and who are individual travelers. We would be delighted to provide support to those who really love to roam around, no matter where the destination is.

Our Mission

Aa service-oriented organization, it is our aim to provide optimal client-oriented services in the media management & services, healthcare and tourism sectors. To achieve these goals, our cornerstones are: Competency, Reliability, Fairness, and Compassion.

Our Vision

We lead in the innovation, creation and delivery of services that enable our clients to feel the changing world of the service industry.

Our Service


KGSM Group actively responds to the future changes in market by diversifying our businesses. We one of the leading Fire and Safety consultant and exclusive agent of ColdFire USA in Bangladesh. Recently we have entered into Fire Detection, Protection, Installation and Commissioning along with Civil Construction, Supplying and Consultation. Using our expertise in Fire and Safety, Civil & Mechanical Consultation, we have started Real Estate Development with the commitment for ensuring a permanent address with comfortable living in a zero-hazard environment for out clients.

S M Wohiduzzaman

South Bangla Battery Industries Ltd.​


South Bangla want to be the forefront service provider in the media, tourism and healthcare sector. Our core values –Integrity, Teamwork, Ownership, Continuous Improvement and Open-communication – integrating into our business philosophy thereby creating the Blue Apple way. The foundation of our business approach is coupled with unwavering commitment continuous development on the approaches. As we look ahead, we renew our pledge on our commitment to be abreast of the changes and innovations and to adopt better management in our services.

Som Nath Day

Managing Director

South Bangla Battery Industries Ltd.​